The Capitol City Band was founded in 1969 by the late Dr. Elmer Ziegler. Ziegler had previously founded community bands in Rock Island, IL and Mustatine, IA. It was his dream that a community concert band should exist in every city and town in America. Ziegler, himself, was secretary to John Philip soUSA, thus new the tricks of the trade. Ziegler composed some 2000 works most of which were donated to the Shrine to Music in Vermillion SD upon his death. Ziegler became ill in 1980 and asked Jim Latimer to assist and direct the band during this time. Elmer Ziegler died in February 1981. Never did he dream that Jim Latimer would carry out his dream to have both a volunteer community band and a professional band in Madison, WI. Latimer has kept both bands performing since 1981.


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I heard about this band from my uncle who have seen them live and said they were really a jelled up group and founder Dr. Elmer Ziegler. lived up with a dream that a community concert band should exist in every city and town in America. Music lovers will really miss you.


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