Concert-goers enjoyed live music on the shores of beautiful Lake  Monona at Esther Beach (a beautiful small Madison Park),  2802 Waunona Way, along the southeastern shore of Turville Bay. During the 1870's, Charles Askew and his brother ran a passenger boat business and built a dance hall and picnic grounds at Esther Beach in 1901. The park was named after Charles' daughter who died in 1883. Join us to reminisce about the
Esther Beach Dance Hall, renamed in 1934 Hollywood at the Beach. It is no longer there but, oh, for the memories.  (A project of DaneArts and the Waunona Association, J. Tiedemann,  president)



08/27/2014 03:39

Now dance parties and functions are usually held on sea, river and lake shores. The cold breeze and full moon night create a romantic environment and people enjoy more I in dance party.


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